Hey, my name is Racheal, no am not really an introvert. I am just a girl who loves to write her thoughts and find it to be a safe space.

People ask why do I like to blog, rather write… Let me tell you why?

Ever since I was a kid, the only way people could realize I was around was through writing. From the three page essays in primary school to my not so successful blog site in university, I have learnt to communicate my presence to people with that.

Writing has been my way of capturing and sharing my random thoughts to the world. Letting people into my world of imagination and allowing them to see my personality.YES! my personality! What I write defines me more than what you see (at least I tend to believe so)

It helps me reflect on what am going through or what has inspired me on a day to day basis without any judgement or influence from the outside world. It’s a good way for me to collect my thoughts and make a rational decision.

Some days I go back to what I’ve written before. It’s amazing how the past can show your growth. I laugh at what I have written when I was sad and thought it was the end of the world, I have learnt from the technical blogs I have written before and I have gained courage with the writings that are personal and were a memoir to me. My writings are mostly for future reference.

If you ask me, I have learnt more words through writing and reading that you might probably hear me say but have increased my knowledge.

I believe writing should be something you do effortlessly. I mean we do it daily when we scribble our thoughts to get an understanding of what we want to do. It’s not about writing a perfect piece or thinking hard on a topic to write. It’s sharing something about you that the world will never get to hear from someone else. It’s creating your own “unbiased language” and allowing people to learn or get inspired from.

I don’t know my future in writing or blogging. Probably have a book one day? I don’t know yet! but am certain it’s something I will do for the longest time.

I am not your typical technical writer..let’s just say I add humour in tech😊😎

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